Who doesn’t admire having sharp features!

The first year of the college will always be special. A taste of freedom and a new life are all very exciting. In my first year, I remember myself very shy and always been teased for having chubby cheeks. I hated it and hated myself more. To control this, I have started dieting and exercises. Alas, none helped me in reducing the bulge from my face. I have read, researched and finally I made up my mind to go under the scalpel. When my mother heard my decision, she was shocked and therefore, it led to a lot of problems. I was determined I will operate to reduce the extra cellulite from my face.

One day my sister brought me Qraa Selfie Cream. It was a shock to me that these kinds of product exist in the market. As I was not so convinced with the product, I gave it back to her. She ensured me that this will help me in reducing my cellulite. After much research and reading, I finally used it. It’s amazing! A few weeks after I used the product I could see the differences and then after a few months, my face transformed completely. It’s like a new me with sharp features, something which I have always desired!


Qraa. I swear by it.

My friend told me about Qraa underarm darkness treatment cream. She was praising it quite much. But, I just couldn’t believe that there is actually a cream that can make my underarms white. Then I bought one for myself and started using it. I was literally able to see results in just 10 days. This cream is awesome and I will recommend it to everyone.